Tips to Increase the User Experience of Your Website Dramatically

Your website is more powerful as a marketing tool as ever before in today’s modern era where websites became 24/7 salesman, and your website is the centrepiece of all efforts.
While technology is great, it is also fast pasting, rapidly changing and websites can look outdated and feel old much quicker, redesigning is ideal although it takes both cash outlay and time. There are a few tricks that can keep your website fresh easy to use and provide it with the up-to-date look that attracts online clientele.

While some might think of white space as boring, it remains essential in a good design. The white space enables visitors to focus on elements such as the text since it makes all content more legible. The Crazy Egg website revealed that text surrounded by white space enjoyed 20% more attention to others. White space makes any website feel modern, fresh and it’s a great option to increase your ability to communicate your product to the user.

Nothing is as irritating as to wait for webs pages to load and with the explosion of mobile devices, people worldwide are more and more accessing content across several platforms. Most surf the web during coffee breaks while waiting for their order at Starbucks, watching television or waiting for their next appointment and everyone is expecting the content to load fast.

Nothing interrupts the experience of the mobile or desktop user as much, and according to intense studies by Radware Web Performance a two-second delay results in abandonment rated of 87%, the same study also showed that 70% of shopping carts are abandoned before online checkout.

37 billion hours are spent yearly by Americans waiting in lines, it works out to around 118 hours per person when you include babies, and this is what led to the research of the psychology of waiting as well as online versus in-store experiences.

Online shoppers demand instant service

What online shoppers demand is instantaneous service, since 44% of online shoppers say that slower transactions make them second-quest the success of the transaction.
Things that we all know about waiting and are common-sense:

• Satisfaction decreases as waiting time increase
• The wait becomes less acceptable as the perceived wait increases
• Average person’s sense page loading times as 15% slower as what they are
• In recounting their web experience, most recall the loading time as 35% slower

Another area where users punish you severely is 404s “Page not Found”, most search engines are not that severe when it comes to 404 errors, although it annoys users. Most find another site, and you lose a potential client. 404s can be checked via the Google Webmaster tool, which analyses clicks from searches, alerts you when critical issues or errors happen and its free.