How to Create a Successful Company Blog (part 1)

A blog might be the key to sales growth as well as the long-term success of your business if you are smart and strategic about how you do it.

Here are some tips for those who want to drive sales and grow business with a company blog.

1. WordPress does the job

For small businesses or even larger ones, WordPress is the best blogging platform. Anyone with just a little technical ability can run a WordPress blog. Additional, with plugins and themes, it’s got loads of power. Using WordPress also allows you to maintain the blog.

If you need the business blog to be separate from the remains of your site, install it in a folder like news, articles, or even blog. That means your blog will be on a URL such as This can produces better search engines rankings than using a subdomain such as or a separate site.

2. Be strategic and invest in each post

Anything you add to your blog should have a strategic purpose. If not, you are probably wasting your time and resources.

Because nonperforming content bloats and clutters a blog, make sure not to make the mistake of believing that every post you create adds value. You might be better off rewriting or deleting old posts which fail to bring in traffic or deliver sales.

If you want to consistently succeed, each post should be marketed and worked to a high standard. All activities take time and effort. That’s why investing in a limited number of effective posts has better result than high-volume publishing.

How often you publish your posts depends on your ability to keep producing high-quality content. A single good article can be more valuable than a hundred losers.

3. Produce some high-traffic pages

Some pages bringing in high traffic numbers is a great way to launch your blog. These pages have the purpose of getting eyeballs onto your site and they don’t have to actually make money. Although they have limited commercial value by themselves, they more than pay their way by boosting blog authority and readership.