20 things to note when SEO Website (Part 1)

To simplify the SEO process and get good results in rankings. Have you ever asked the question what you need to pay attention when SEO Web? And this article will help you give answers:

1. Optimize for search intent

Search intent is important in 2020. When a user searches for something, Google must return relevant results to match their search intent. Otherwise, it will bring a bad experience for the user.

Example: If you have a website that sells shoes and focuses on the keyword phrase “Buy shoes online”. Then you will probably encounter many difficulties. The reason is that people searching for this phrase are targeting e-commerce sites.


Instead, a better option should be targeting keywords that are descriptive or beneficial. Such as “Best Running Shoes“. Or other keywords where people are searching for informational content instead of stores.

You can clearly see a difference in search intent for this keyword, with more informational content available.

So, before you start writing content, think carefully about what you’re optimizing for.

2. Do in-depth keyword research

Keyword research is always the most important step when it comes to SEO. It’s important to know what your users are looking for. If not, you are chasing a fiction. In addition, it also helps to know what the competition is doing. So make sure you research that too.

3. Targeting and main topic

You don’t have to target a single keyword. However, it’s important to target a main topic. Again, it is all up to the user’s intentions. If you think the two keyword phrases are very similar. But you are not sure of that intention, do a Google search.

Does Google show the same search results for both keywords? Or are they different?

For example, Indonesian travel advice and someone traveling to indonesia seem very similar, but the intentions are very different. In the first person, people want to see travel destinations from popular blogs. While in the second person they wanted to know if it was okay to travel to Indonesia.

When you do keyword research, always check the type of results that rank for each particular keyword. If the search results are similar, you can try a combination of keywords. This way, you will get more traffic. However, if the intentions are different and the results are different, don’t try to catch two rabbits with one shot.