25 best sports gadgets (part 1)


The world of technology and the world of sport have an interesting relationship, so we’ve assembled 25 of the best sports-related gadgets in this list for you to get off the sofa and jog while you read.


Available only at NikeTown flagship store of London, the Nike+ FuelBand accelerometer-based movement sensor can track all your exercise and translate it into “NikeFuel” which fills up a daily target counter, changes an LED meter from red to green when it does so. It can also help you measure time, steps, and calories burned.


Do you think that the German lens-meisters have just made cameras? The fact is that: Leica Pinmaster II, designed for the well-heeled golfer, is the laser-toting which tells you exactly how far it is to the lake/pin/club/bunker house bar. It has the ability of accurate measurements up to 825 yards and features 7x magnification as well as a crystal clear LED display.


Known as the Selk’bag in the past, the MusucBag is a basic slanket to be used in hard cases: slip it on and you’re walking around in a sleeping bag which will keep you comfortably snug even in the coldest conditions. While couch potatoes are free to use in the house, when camping, it comes into its own by helping you get some shuteye almost everywhere.


The Freebord, a skateboard crossbred with a snowboard, features extra centre wheels which allow it to be ridden both in a perpendicular “stylee” and in regular fashion. You can slide, carve, slow down and stop wherever you want. The concept behind this gadget is that you have more flexibility and control than a normal skateboard delivers.


This go-to sports camera is for the sort of nutcases which love nothing more than cycling down scree-covered slopes, jumping off cliffs, or rafting through rapids in a boat. The near-unbreakable HD Hero can capture 1080p footage by using a wide angle lens. It also can be mounted on almost anything – helmets, bikes, and surfboards included.