Promotion forms in popular marketing (Part 1)

1. Discount, inventory discharge

Products always change with each season, changing models, product trends is inevitable. Therefore, businesses and stores all want to push inventory to recover capital, reduce risks and update new models. You can liquidate and discharge inventory, samples, defective goods with discounts usually from 40% to 90% depending on each group of goods as well as the size of the business unit.

Normally, when an enterprise conducts any form of promotion in marketing, the cost of such promotion is recorded into the company’s expenses (helping to reduce corporate income tax). The purpose of reducing and discharging inventory is to stimulate people to buy, so it is widely publicized, has great coverage, stimulates many groups of people to come, helping to achieve the goals of the business.

For example, when mobile operators implement the 50% promotion, they will have to announce publicly and expect that there will be a number of customers because of that program to top up. If they do not notify but only automatically add money each time the customer deposits, the number of top up customers will be very small.

This can be said to be one of the most effective forms of marketing promotions applied by many businesses.

2. Offering a discount voucher

Instead of cashing, merchants often choose to give discount vouchers to keep customers from buying their products. It could be a voucher worth of goods, it could also be a vocher used to buy goods with a discount, etc.

For example, when a customer buys item A, he gets a gift voucher of item B. The customer who uses this coupon will be able to buy item B at a discounted price of 50% compared with the customer without the voucher. The use of vouchers, discount vouchers is an effective way to keep customers from using the company’s products for a long time, and is a form of business promotion that cannot be ignored.