The power of Content Marketing for your sales strategy

Why do businesses pay more attention to Content Marketing in their marketing campaigns? Join us to find the answer through the article below.

Referring to Marketing, certainly can not ignore an extremely popular type, which is Content Marketing. This type is present in almost all forms of Marketing and plays an important role in the marketing and promotion strategies. So what is Content Marketing? How is it different from regular content and how influential? We will all answer below.

Content is the entire text, videos, images, infographics, … displayed on the website that any user can see. Accordingly, Content marketing is a form of content marketing that individuals and businesses often use in communication strategies.

Businesses will use Content Marketing to create content that attracts, attracts and has value that is useful to their customers for information about the products that they provide.

Bill Gates has once said: “Content is king”, enough to see the importance and influence of this type. So how important is content marketing?

Provide enough information

Any content that is built up contains essential information about an issue, service or product that the individual business wants to share with customers on the website. Content Marketing can range from health, beauty, fashion to electronics, accessories, consumer products, …

From providing information, the content will help Google understand the information and activities on the website of the business. That will help evaluate the trustworthiness and usefulness of the website for Google to make it to the top when users search.

Traffic increase

Traffic increase here is understood as the process of increasing the number of users finding your website through the search engines, most commonly google. The more attractive and useful the content will attract more users to visit. At the same time, optimize user experience and bring effectiveness in content marketing strategy.

Increase authority for your business

Content Marketing can turn businesses into leaders in the field they provide. Quality content will understand and deliver the value that customers need. From there, it encourages regular customers to return to the website of the business, helping the personal name and business to be increasingly enhanced, creating absolute trust for users.

Conversion rate increase

Content Marketing builds customers’ trust, is an important factor in convincing customers to learn about and register to use the products and services that businesses provide. Especially, when you have trust, customers are ready to leave personal information, contact information such as first and last name, email, phone number, … to receive more notifications and news about product.

Avoid the Google Panda algorithm

A special thing about Content Marketing is to avoid the Google Panda algorithm. Quality content will always be “favored” by Google and placed on top of the search page. However, with poor quality content, little information and not much value to users, Google will be removed from the front pages.