Promotion forms in popular marketing (Part 2)

3. Promotions on special occasions

Businesses, shops always have a plan in advance about all the holidays that can be promoted for customers: Noel, Thanksgiving, company birthday programs, store opening etc. Promotions, discounts on special occasions business units are always selected to boost sales. No matter what industry you do in your business, you can rely on special days to attract customers.

4. Lucky draw

In order to attract customers to know more about their products, organizing the lucky draw program right at the business location is also an effective marketing promotion that businesses should consider.

After buying with a certain value order, customers will be drawn to receive prizes, gifts, products, etc. This will create excitement for customers when shopping, stimulating the demand of consumers.

5. Customer gratitude promotion

This is considered as a gift for customers who have always trusted to use your product. Sometimes, businesses should create a special customer gratitude program instead of a thank you and thereby create general or separate promotions for each customer. For example, on the customer’s birthday, the customer has the priority to buy at the store discount, while other customers still have to buy at the original price.

In case customers have purchased products here and provided personal information, on their birthday, customers will be able to buy any product at the store at a preferential price compared to customers. other. This promotion not only helps businesses sell more products, expand the customer file, but also helps customers feel more interested and appreciated.

6. Promotional incentives for loyalty cards and membership cards

Currently, most stores and supermarkets have loyalty card programs, membership cards for customers every time they shop, many businesses and shops also choose this form to retain their customers.

By using loyalty cards, not only will you get a loyal customer base, but also point-of-sale promotions also bring in many new customers. If your company has an attractive redemption policy, the high accumulation rate is not much different from other promotions, even hot because the value of the card is long term.