25 best sports gadgets (part 2)



Legmaster power is an affordable and effective exercise tool, which sculpts your lower appendages into a Greek god/goddess’s ones. By sliding your feet inwards and outwards on the ramp, it forces you to lift your body weight. The result is a workout which tones not only your inner thighs but also your lateral thigh muscles, abs, and buttocks. You can add extra weights to up the intensity.


It is an electric bicycle made by the makers of the Smart car. It uses a motor when required to supplement your pedal power and uses the energy that is gained when braking to replenish some of the battery (that gives it up to 100km per charge). It also has a charging dock for your smartphone, which is ideal for GPS navigation when in the saddle. However, it’s admittedly a little on the pricey side.


If you’re doing sporty activities in the wilderness, there is a case of the trots because of guzzling some dirty water. Camelbak all-clear is your savior. It uses UV light to neutralize the bacteria inside the bottle in only a mere minute. Each charge can purify up to 16 gallons of H2O. However, it’s only available in the US now.


If you’re a runner, normal earbud headphones aren’t much cop: rain and sweat can leak into them and fall out of your lugholes. To avoid this case, you should try these Sennheiser’s sporty in-ears, designed to stay locked in your shell-likes. They’re water resistant and also have a reflective strip on the neckband. And their sound quality is peachy for the price.


Adidas F50 Adizero TRX AG is ultra-lightweight football boots which are designed for artificial surfaces. They could help you become the fastest in your five-a-side league. The single layer SPRINTSKIN upper is super light and thin, the idea is that you can really feel the ball, therefore can kick and dribble it with greater accuracy.