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Friends we have notice that all the technology is getting better day by day. Now today we are here to talk about the one more technology update. Today we have brought news about the DTH technology. As today time DTH is also a member of family. This is about the Indian DTH company Big Tv.

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Basically there are 5 leaders in Indian DTH market. Those are Dishtv, Tata Sky, Videocon D2H, Big Tv and Sun TV. Where Dishtv and Videocon D2H merged and become a big market giant in DTH. But now one of the most awaited news is coming that Big TV is going to launch Reliance Jio DTH.

Now too many question are coming in everyone mind so we are here to answer the all question. Friends first of all we want to make you clear that what Reliance Jio DTH is. On which technology Reliance Jio DTH will work.

What Is Reliance Jio DTH?
Reliance Jio DTH is a DTH which would be part of Big TV. Reliance Jio DTH will provide DTH service by using internet. So this would a new technology in India for any DTH company. This will increase market share of Big Tv.

On Which Technology Reliance Jio DTH Will Work / How Reliance Jio DTH Will Work With Internet
Reliance Jio DTH will provide an Android OS based set-top-box (STB). OS based set-top-box will be linked with both broadband and television services. This STB would be very compactable and easy to use. Once Reliance Jio DTH would install then Reliance Jio DTH antenna will be able to connect signal from mobile tower and Wi-Fi also. So after getting signal from mobile tower and Wi-Fi you will be able to view channels in Reliance Jio DTH.

Reliance Jio DTH technology will work on Google’s Android platform. Which will help to provide the better picture quality and better connectivity? Reliance Jio DTH is also planned to get strong signals with optical fibre network (FTTH).

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About Reliance Jio DTH Special Catch Up Service
There would be some special function in Reliance Jio DTH too. So we would love to tell that Reliance Jio DTH will also bring service name “catch-up” TV programs. Catch up Tv program will able to store the 7 days content in STB of Reliance Jio DTH. So Reliance Jio DTH Catch up Tv program might be help to increase the market share for Reliance Jio DTH. In Reliance Jio DTH Catch up service once the program will store you can views the in next 7 days. Also you can pause any program and you can watch it letter.

When Reliance Jio DTH Will Launch?
Friends this is also a most awaiting news that when Reliance Jio DTH will launch. As per news Reliance Jio DTH will launch in April 2017. So launching of Reliance Jio DTH would be amazing like Reliance 4G. As internet with DTH is the new revelation for Indian. So wait for Reliance Jio DTH launch in India.

How Reliance Jio DTH STB (Set Top Box) Look?
Reliance Jio DTH BOX is very sexy look. Also Reliance Jio DTH is looks very smart. Reliance Jio DTH BOX might be very cool and very attractive BOX. Reliance Jio DTH BOX wallpaper and Reliance Jio DTH BOX picture are also viral on web pages.

Where To Purchase Reliance Jio DTH?
You can purchase the Reliance Jio DTH from your nearest DTH shop. You no need to go at special place to buy Reliance Jio DTH. So there would be no problem will come when Reliance Jio DTH will launch.

What Would Be The Connection Price Of Reliance Jio DTH?
Friends there is no any confirmation that what would be amount of Reliance Jio DTH for new connection. As many people wanted to know the rate of new connection of Reliance Jio DTH which is coming with Internet services?

What Would Be Monthly Subscription For Reliance Jio DTH?
This is good news that Reliance Jio DTH monthly subscription would be lower than other DTH. Normally all DTH charge approx 300 Rs for any normal basis family pack. But this is news that Reliance Jio DTH would charge only 150-200 Rs per month for all channels.

Does Any Free Activation Of Reliance Jio DTH?
Now this question also comes as Reliance Jio 4G gave internet free to all customer for 5 months. So this is also possible that Reliance Jio DTH will provide free subscription to all new customers. Might be possible that Reliance Jio DTH will provide subscription free for his first 6 months. Also somewhere news says that connection would be free with the new connection which cost of 500 Rs only.

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Does Job In Reliance Jio DTH Will Increase?
No there would not be any special hiring in Reliance Jio DTH for the team of Reliance Jio DTH. Big TV team will handle the responsibilities of Reliance Jio DTH. But might be possible that some new job opening in Reliance Jio DTH will comes.

After getting a huge success in Reliance 4G. Now Reliance Jio DTH is ready to launch hope once again there would be huge line for Reliance Jio DTH customer to buy Reliance Jio DTH.

There are 5 basis reasons which make Reliance Jio DTH special than other DTH.

(1) Reliance Jio DTH is a internet connected DTH.
(2) Catch up service of Reliance Jio DTH make it very special.
(3) Reliance Jio DTH rate is lower than other DTH.
(4) Reliance Jio DTH can work on WI-FI too.
(5) Reliance Jio DTH is the first Indian company who used Google’s Android platform in DTH.

So now hope you have loved information of Reliance Jio DTH. Reliance Jio DTH is going to launch very soon or might be in April 2017. After 31 March 2017 as per the government rule digitization would be compulsory. So please buy any DTH connection. If you have questioned please comment in below box we are waiting for your question.