List of three best betting apps for 2019

Choosing the best betting apps is not always an easy task. Between mobile apps, welcome offers, and the others, it’s easy to get lost. Don’t worry here is the list of the best betting apps at the moment. We hope you will be able to find something suitable for you.

Bet365 betting app

We give the Bet365 app the best place in this list because it doesn’t use a lot of imagery and does exactly what it says on the tin, no more and no less.

The benefit of its simple design is that you can easily find your way around and there are no distractions. From the home screen, you can easily get quick links that guide you to the most popular betting events and markets.

Bet365 have made their app really intuitive. Every step is organized to make things as easy as possible for users. It offers handy menus at the top of the screen for betters to bet in-play, monitor their bets, and manage their account.

William hill betting app

It’s always necessary to scour the web for comments about the best betting apps before downloading one. A good indication is the average rating on the app marketplaces, especially if there are a decent number of ratings, at least a few thousand. However, when browsing online reviews, you need to decide who to take seriously or not.

Research shows that in the opinion of the online community, William Hill usually comes out as one of the best sports betting apps with an average customer rating of over 4 stars on the AppStore.

Betfair betting app

The Betfair betting app can be considered as one of the best betting apps recently because it has one of the highest rankings on both iOS and Android app markets.

The Betfair welcome bonus offers new customers a pretty generous promotion and you can claim the promotion on the application as well. You can use the Betfair promo code during the sign up to avail of the offer.

Another useful think of Betfair is that you can watch your favorite events live. The Betfair app offers dozens of events every day and sends notifications to let you know when they start.

Top Sports Betting Apps (part 1)

Now it is a new era of digital sports betting. In the present, those who are fans of traditional sports betting and other fantasy variants have the freedom to choose from many sports betting apps that are available on the market or have yet to launch. Here are the most favorite sports betting apps in the world.

888 Sports

Free and available for both iOS and Android

888 Sports is a fast and easy to use sports betting app from one of the top bookmakers, allowing real-time betting on various events including football, tennis, and racing around the clock.

888 Sports has a simple and efficient UI, excellent settings, and dedicated search bar, helping users to easily find the best opportunities to bid in real-time. Its major features include enhanced win casts, live-in-play betting, top odds on hundreds of sports, thousands of live betting markets, as well as regular offers and promotions. 888 Sports helps players easily get access to their online account, funds, or check out their performance over time.

Moreover, this sports betting app accepts multiple payments by providing a wide range of secure deposit methods and withdrawals. 888 Sports is also a user-friendly betting app that can be accessed in different languages.


Available for free on iOS and Android devices

DraftKings offers large pools of daily and weekly amazing sports contests (both free and paid) in football, soccer, basketball, baseball, hockey, motorsport, and golf for cash prizes.

In DraftKings, players can choose from a range of formats like ‘Head-to-Head,’ ‘Double or Nothing,’ and ‘Qualifiers.’ DraftKings allows users to challenge their friends or compete against other ones in any sport as well as track the results in league-exclusive leaderboards. In addition, users can select their favorite leagues such as the PGA, NFL, MLB, NBA, and NASCAR. DraftKings is easy to navigate and allows users to create lineups and contests, make deposits or withdrawals, join contests in lobbies, and view live, upcoming, and completed contests. Winners are immediately paid out after a contest ends.

Best Casino Apps for iPhone (part 2)

3. bet365 Casino

bet365 is among the most reputable online casinos and sports books in the gaming industry. Branded in their recognizable green, white and yellow coloring, its mobile casino app packs the same punch as its main website, offering classic casino fare like blackjack, baccarat, and roulette, along with Texas Hold’em, many video slots and retro slot games as well as a nice selection of video poker games.

The app is swift to load and navigate, with large icons and text that detail what types of games are offered. After having selected category, users just have to simply swipe up or down to find their desired game.

The bet365 mobile casino app also provides links within it for users to download other bet365 apps, including sports book app, bingo app, dedicated poker app, and free sports news app.

4. Leo Vegas Casino

The Leo Vegas Casino app offers one of the biggest games libraries, offering about 400 titles that come from the best minds in the business, like Evolution Gaming, NextGen, and Yggdrasil to choose from.

Its mobile app has the same simple, transparent navigation options as its main website, which won the title of Casino Operator of the Year and Mobile Operator of the Year 2016. The Leo Vegas Casino app can be downloaded and installed through the link on the LeoVegas main website or via the iTunes store.

When having installed, users will find the top window that offers the latest promotions, while the first slide section shows the most popular titles. Players can hit the lion paw icon or scroll down to quickly search through the bounty of games.

5. Mr Green Casino

The mobile casino app of Mr Green carries the same stylish color scheme from the main website, reworked for the mobile device.

It provides games presented under different headings: New Games, Top Rated, Video Slots, Table Games, Jackpot Games, and All Games. Pick the one you want by simply swiping through the games in each category, but with more than 380 games offered, you may find it difficult to decide which one to pick!

Best Casino Apps for iPhone (part 1)

With more than two million apps in the iTunes store, finding the best casino app can suck the fun out of actually playing the games as well as winning real cash prizes. Here’s a list of some of the best iPhone casino apps that help you be able to seamlessly bet while on the go.

Casino apps

1. Coral Spin Casino

Coral Spin Casino takes all the clutter of the main Coral website, striping it all down for users to easily play on a mobile phone. It provides a fixed main menu at the top of the page so that you can flit between four categories: Featured, Cards, Slots, and Roulette.

Players can swipe through large icons that represent the games to find the best one. In the mobile app, although some games have been dropped from the main website, there is still a huge selection of popular video slots such as Iron Man 2 and Monty Python’s Spamalot. Another fixed menu at the bottom of the page will offer any promotions that are available for players to take advantage of.

2. Casino Cruise

Casino Cruise is another mobile casino app which offers a large selection of games, including Microgaming and Play’n GO. There are also live casino games, featuring live dealers for classic casino games such as roulette and blackjack.

There are also progressive slots in the video slots category for users to play with the opportunity of winning a huge pay out. To help players more easily sort through the multitude of games, this app offers a dedicated search bar under the welcome banner that advertizes the latest games and promotions.

You will also find that the Casino Cruise app also offers free spins and generous bonuses to keep players coming back for more. Head over to Casino Cruise right now for a generous Welcome Bonus that you’re sure to enjoy!


Your website represents your business. If the content writing in your website is confusing, sloppy, and bloated, your brand will also look confusing, sloppy, and bloated. As a result, you will lose sales, even if your products or services are very good.

On the other hand, good web content writing can help you across the board. Your posts will be shared more, your pages will earn more backlinks and your site will earn trust the moment visitors surf on.

Follow these following tips when writing content to reap the rewards of quality content for your website.

  1. Understand your audience

Think about who you are trying to reach before putting your fingers to keyboard. Before starting to write content, clearly answer these questions: Who is your primary audience? What about a secondary audience that can influence and inform your primary audience? How will they find your site online?

For example, if you’re creating a website for a law firm, your primary audience may be existing clients. But your secondary audience is much broader and may include other attorneys like law reporters, or ones who will need your services in the future. You need to make sure that your content is accessible and interesting to all of these types of audiences.

Remember that your audience are hunting for information or a product to purchase. And they all consider the same things: Can your website offer what they’re in need? And can they find it easily?

They find web content through different paths like search engine results, social media sharing, email sharing, and links from other websites. That first method is very important. Your text may be very informative and well-written, but if it’s not optimized for search engines, there will be just few people that can find it. So, think about what search key words would they type into Google and make sure to include those key words in your content’s headlines and sub-headers.


25 best sports gadgets (part 3)


Recon MOD Live is a heads-up display for skiers and snowboarders, showing them their speed, map position, and other info on a tiny screen. It can even communicate with your phone via Bluetooth, let you read texts and answer calls while on the piste.


Tiger Woods, a famous swinger, has released this app in order to help golfers perfect their game. Connceting with your iOS device’s camera, it captures and analyses your swing, as well as lets you view your pathetic attempts side-by-side. Just take the advice on its board, adjust your swing, and you will be able to tear that ball down the fairway in no time.


This lightweight Walkman is a pair of headphones with the MP3 player built-in and totally water resistant. You can even dunk it in the sink and then just have to give it a wash. It offers 2GB of storage, and has an hour of battery life after a three-minute charge.


Instead of buying an exercise bike, by hooking your road bicycle up to the Turbotrainer, you can ride miles and miles without having to leave your home. The rear wheel of your bike rests on a gear which can have its resistance altered by magnets, creating the feeling of riding uphill or on a road.


Continuing the success of the original Wii Fit in featuring a balance board and a series of addictive exercises, Wii Fit Plus helps you get less fat by adding a fat range of content. Using the Wii Remote and Balance Board, you can perform a range of fun, simple  activities, and track your progress all the time.


Imagine that there is a motorcycle mated with a snowboard. It is the MXB Shocker, a motorised board on which you perch and steer by shifting your weight as well as adjusting the speed and brakes with a handheld controller.

15 Cool Gadgets That Are Going To Sell Out Soon (part 4)

  1. Glow Bowl – Never Miss The Toilet Again

This fun and useful gadget for toilet makes your toilet safer, cleaner and a better time!

Glow Bowl gives the coolest way to navigate the bathroom safely at night as well as eliminate the messy toilet misses forever. Moreover, it comes with a changeable air freshener to make your toilet the freshest, coolest, and cleanest smelling around.

  1. Energix Charger – Fix Your Phone’s Battery Life

If you don’t upgrade your phone every year, Energix charger should be your saving grace. Instead of getting the latest iPhone, you had better purchase this thin adapter which can turn your phone into a wireless charging device.

  1. XY FindIt – Never Lose Anything Again

Do you want to give the 007 spy device – ultimate James Bond – to someone? XY FindIt is it. It’s a portable tracker on which you can put anything, from your keys to your bike to your luggage even to your dog. It helps you see exactly where things are on a map so that you will never lose anything again. Many people are putting them on their purses or keychains so they don’t lose their keys or purses. It’s just a cool device with a beautiful design.

  1. KeySmart – The Future of Keychains

It eliminates the need for a bulky keyring. Its patented “S” design helps you organize a car key fob and up to 14 keys and fits almost every shape, size, and type of key. KeySmart protects your keys as well as other items in your pocket or purse from getting scratched by your keys. You can attach your keys and accessories in less than a minute.

  1. Vivian Lou – Patented High Heel Cushion

When you have to wear high heels all day long, whether at work or at the club, it’s going to take its toll on your feet. It’s going to show in the form of sore muscles, blisters, or overall aching. That’s why there is a new product that was made just for women who wear high heels. It actually makes wearing high heels so comfortable. And it is called Vivian Lou.


15 Cool Gadgets That Are Going To Sell Out Soon (part 3)

  1. Pocket Guardian – Priceless Protection

It is really the simple keychain that can save your life. This extra layer of security, fitting in the size of your palm, roars an ear-splitting alarm up to 130 dB which can scare off attackers and call for help. You’re never alone even if you’re in an empty dimly lit parking lot to find your car. With this “invisible bodyguard”, you will never have to fear for your personal safety.

  1. Vizr – Heads Up Driving

Vizr is truly the GPS of the 21st century. It is inspired by fighter jet technology and is the first GPS of its kind which helps you drive without taking your eyes off the road, utilizing the heads up display technology of Air Force. With Vizr, you’re much more likely to avoid dangerous accidents because you had to take your eyes off the road and glance down at your phone.

  1. Xtra PC – For People Who Just Need Something That Just Works 

When you buy a new computer, everything works fast firstly. However, a few months later, it starts slowing down. Xtra PC is the new gadget called works with any computer made after 2004. It is FAST and will never slow down.

You can start using Xtra PC immediately by plugging this little USB device into your computer and then restarting your computer. This will bypass your slow computer, operating system while STILL accesses to all of your files and comes with the programs you need.

  1. Super Boost WiFi – Keep You Connected In Any Corner Of Your Home

Imagine coming back home after 8-hour of work and looking forward to your favorite time of the day. Break in the comforts of your home. Only you, your phone, and the internet. There is nothing more annoying than that when you’re comfortably suffering the internet but the WiFi connecting is too slow. With the Super Boost WiFi, you can make sure that your home is covered with wifi from corner to corner.

15 Cool Gadgets That Are Going To Sell Out Soon (part 2)


  1. Bluewire Antenna – Gift Free TV! 

Is there anyone on your gift list that likes watching sports, movies, and TV? If yes, we’ve got the best gift ever! The Bluewire Antenna offers an awesome selection of TV, movies, and sports programming, without subscriptions.

It is simple to install (can go right on a window near the TV), and can receive up to 100 HD stations for free without any other devices, USB sticks, smart TVs, converters, or anything else needed. All you need is the Bluewire TV Antenna and some spare time to watch the awesome TV it delivers (about 85% of the most popular stations for free.)

This is a unique gadget which can save you a ton of money and also makes for a great gift.

  1. Peeps™ – The Ultimate Glasses Cleaner

If you wear glasses, you may be tired of how often they get smudged, making you having to use your shirt to clean them. That’s the reason why we love Peeps! They are some of the best glasses cleaners in the world, using NASA carbon lens cleaning technology to help you have the most crystal clear view through your glassesx. Moreover, they’re very small and portable!

  1. Dodow – Give The Gift Of Awesome Sleep!

Different from the other sleep remedies which provide temporary solutions, Dodow really RETRAINS YOUR BRAIN to fall asleep by mesmerizing you to sleep! Its slow rhythmic light is designed to quiet your busy mind, relax your body, and slow your breathing – gently lulling you into a deep and peaceful slumber.

  1. Neck Hammock – Better Than a Chiropractor

Neck Hammock can quickly relieve neck pain at your own home. It gives you a controlled stretch, helping with increased circulation, fewer pinched nerves, and improved posture. Neck Hammock pulls the tension out of those tight and inflamed muscles in your neck while you are resting! Dr. Oz calls it “one of the best health finds of 2018!”


25 best sports gadgets (part 2)



Legmaster power is an affordable and effective exercise tool, which sculpts your lower appendages into a Greek god/goddess’s ones. By sliding your feet inwards and outwards on the ramp, it forces you to lift your body weight. The result is a workout which tones not only your inner thighs but also your lateral thigh muscles, abs, and buttocks. You can add extra weights to up the intensity.


It is an electric bicycle made by the makers of the Smart car. It uses a motor when required to supplement your pedal power and uses the energy that is gained when braking to replenish some of the battery (that gives it up to 100km per charge). It also has a charging dock for your smartphone, which is ideal for GPS navigation when in the saddle. However, it’s admittedly a little on the pricey side.


If you’re doing sporty activities in the wilderness, there is a case of the trots because of guzzling some dirty water. Camelbak all-clear is your savior. It uses UV light to neutralize the bacteria inside the bottle in only a mere minute. Each charge can purify up to 16 gallons of H2O. However, it’s only available in the US now.


If you’re a runner, normal earbud headphones aren’t much cop: rain and sweat can leak into them and fall out of your lugholes. To avoid this case, you should try these Sennheiser’s sporty in-ears, designed to stay locked in your shell-likes. They’re water resistant and also have a reflective strip on the neckband. And their sound quality is peachy for the price.


Adidas F50 Adizero TRX AG is ultra-lightweight football boots which are designed for artificial surfaces. They could help you become the fastest in your five-a-side league. The single layer SPRINTSKIN upper is super light and thin, the idea is that you can really feel the ball, therefore can kick and dribble it with greater accuracy.