How To Start A Blog Free On Blogger

Friends here we are going to teach one thing of the online platform. We have seen that many people wanted to make their own blog. Also some people think that starting my own blog website would be very hard. Also due to some reason they are not making their own blog. So now what they need to do? Very few people know that Google provide a free blogging service to all Gmail user. So today we will learn about that.

Here you are going to know how to create a blog on Blogger. How to start your own website blog. Also people asked that where to make a free blog. So making your own blog is totally free. No one going to charge you for that. There are only three steps which you need to follow to create your own blog website. Let’s learn how to create a website for blogging in 2 minutes.

There are three basis necessary requirements to start a Blog
(1) You must have an account on
(2) You must have Desktop/Laptop/Mobile (Which Can Support).
(3) You must have internet facility.

Step 1-Open your Gmail Account

Step 2-Now do not log out and type URL Of Blogger Then click on New Blog

Step 3-Now you have to follow this process.
(1) Type Title name as per your wish.
(2) Select URL name as your choice. Also check eligibility sometime you have to do some modification in your selected URL.
(3) Select your Template.
(4) Click On Create Blog.
As I have taken URL You must take your Blog name.

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Hope all of you are aware that now how you can create your own website blog. Now hope you known that starting a blog are very easy. Now you can start a free blog.