How To Post Article In Blogger Blog?

Friends in our last article we have teach that How To Start A Blog Free On Blogger. Now today we are here to go on more steps in Blogging it’s about how to post article in Blog. This is a one more step towards how to start a successful blog.

Post article in a blog is again a very simple trick. It will take 2 minutes if your material is ready and you have good internet connection speed. So now I am here to teach you about this. Hope you will love to post article in Blogger. So now follow my 8 steps.

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Step-1 Always keeps these three things before writing a article of Blogger post
(A) Subject of post.
(B) Contain of post.
(C) Knowledge about the article which you are going to write.

Step-2 Log in to clicks on Start Posting.

Step-3 Type Subject makes sure that your subject related to your article.

Step-4 Click on Compose for Plain Text. Also write some body which you want to write.

Step-5 If you know HTML Codding then click on HTML Codding and write whatever you want to share. Read How To Create HTML Coding ?

Step-6 Now you need very careful please follow this process if you want to given a professional look to your article.
(1) See Preview Of Post.
(2) Save Your Post.
(3) Then click on Publish.

Step-7 Now if you want to do more post then go to the http://www.blogger.comclick on post.

Step-8 Click on new post and follow Step 1, 2, 3,4,5,6

Now you have successfully posted article in Blogger. Hope you have enjoyed this trick. So also put your comment for this article so that we can review our article. Do not forget to share this is you liked.