How To Connect WhatsApp From Laptop Or Desktop

Friends we have seen that many times you are getting call on your phone. But same time you have to answer the WhatsApp too. So this issue comes many times. So what is the solution for this? As we have seen many people do not answer there WhatsApp due to they get too many calls on phone.

So we are here to learn how to connect your Laptop or Desktop with WhatsApp. This is a very easy way to do. So there are few steps which you have to follow to connection Laptop or Desktop with WhatsApp. WhatsApp on Laptop or Desktop is making you smarter on technology. So now let learn how to use WhatsApp on your Laptop or Desktop.

To use WhatsApp on your Laptop or Desktop you need to follow 3 easy tips. So now learn what you need do.

Step-1 Open

Step-2 Open your phone

Open Whatsapp-Go To Setting-Click On WhatsApp On Web

Step-3 Scan QR code

Now you can enjoy that Whatsapp on your Laptop and Desktop. Please be sure that
(1) Your Laptop and Desktop must connect to the internet connection.
(2) Your mobile must have active internet service.
(3) If you get any call on your phone then connect to mobile internet with WI FI connection otherwise your Whatsapp will be disconnected.