These factors to keep in mind when SEO posts

The following article would like to share with you the factors to note when Seo articles invite you to refer.

In order for a website to rank highly for keywords, the keyword must appear in all components of the website including:

Title tags:

This is always extremely important factor in SEO. The title is always associated with the keyword and the article content. The title is sufficient and not too long, within 60 – 67 characters.

Những yếu tố cần lưu ý khi Seo bài viết

Meta Description Tags:

This is a description of the article content based on the title. This tag will always use less than 180 characters. It doesn’t work much for search engines, but it does work to attract users.

Heading Tags:

The tags are H1, H2, .. to H6.

• The bigger the font, the more important the content, the keywords should be. In particular, the H1 tag has the largest font. Then comes H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, and bold. In the article content, there is usually 1 H1, and more H2, H3.

• The headline is the first part of the article to be placed in the H1 tag.

• Actually, H1 is the most important, it helps the BOT understand what we are emphasizing on the title. And also draw attention to the reader.

• Following the current trend, SEOs rarely use H4, H5, H6 tags. They hardly mean much anymore.


It should be noted that the article must have at least 1 image to increase the vibrancy of the article content, and also take advantage of the image alt element in SEO. The factors that need to make an image are:

• The image name must contain the keyword, the article title

• Alt Image: This tag makes sense to the search engine, containing keywords, article titles

• Title Image: For users, containing keywords, article titles.

• The length of the Alt Image or Title Image is not too long, like the title tags should be less than 67 characters.

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The URL must be user friendly, not too long (Under 90 characters). The link is always static and the link must be static. Internal links in the page help us link the articles to the same topic. As well as helping readers understand articles easily, also navigating BOT will stay in our page longer.


This tag is now very important, expanding the categories we don’t have. It is important that once the article has been published, you should share it in popular social networks such as Facebook, G +, Linked, Pinterest.. Wish you success!

Methods to increase trust for the Website effectively

As you know, the Website’s Trust is extremely important in SEO. A website with a high level of Trust is able to get to the top lightly without spending a lot of time to Offpage Seo.

Understanding that importance today, we would like to share with you some of the best methods to increase Trust for Website.

According to SEOmoz’s research, the two most important and still significant roles in SEO are Page level metrics and Domain-Level, Link Authority Features, both of which relate to links pointing to pages and domain. If you feel the importance of these 2 factors, you can easily overcome your opponent gently.

11 factors to help increase the Website’s Trust

  • Increase the number of backlinks.
  • Increasing the number of domains pointing to the website.
  • Increase the number of links related to website content.
  • Increase backlink quality
  • Increase the +1 button
  • Increase the number of visitors to the site
  • Increase onsite time.
  • Increase the number of pageview
  • Increase the number of pages visited per visit
  • Decreased bound rate
  • Increase the number of returning visitors
  • Increase the number of keywords appearing on the top 10
  • Increase presence on social networking sites.
  • Increase Page Rank, Domain authority, Page links, Page Authority
  • Increase the amount of useful content on the page.

The increase in reliability takes a long time usually from 1 to 3 months, fast or slow, it depends on the conditions that you have. When a website has a certain credibility, the keywords will rank up very quickly. That is why I always uphold the trust of the website for the search engine. And you? Do you think reliability is important? And how will you increase it? Above are some general for you to increase the trust of the Website to get high on the Google rankings. Good luck. Any comments or suggestions please leave a comment below.

Top SEO Trends to Focus on in 2020 (part 2)

4. Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness

The most update SEO trends reveal that Google favors expert, authoritative, and trustworthy websites. Backlinko refers to those three due to the Domain Authority 2.0.

According to Backlinko, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T) has been a neighborhood of Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines for several years. However, the program giant appears to be mentioning it tons nowadays.

So, apart from publishing high-quality, relevant content, confirm that you simply also work on your site’s E-A-T.

5. Visual Search Optimization

The advent of smartphones equipped with highly qualified cameras gave birth to visual search. So what’s this emerging SEO trend this year?

Visual search uses real-life images such as photos and screenshots to find out anything online. As an example, using Google Lens to seek out a dress or Pinterest to try to to a method match are samples of visual searching.

Even if you’re not within the apparel industry, it’s still advisable to optimize your pages for visual search. But if you don’t skills, be happy to follow the fast tips below.

• Use images relevant to the topics of your page.

• Make sure that you are using high-resolution images.

• Use multiple images, particularly in long-form content.

• Optimize the titles and descriptions of your image.

• Optimize the file sorts and dimensions of images.

• Don’t forget to include captions and feature alternative text (alt-text).

6. Voice Search Optimization

With the growing popularity of voice assistants and smart speakers, optimizing your pages for voice search is a superb move.

A study conducted by Adobe Analytics shows that 91 percent of brands that they surveyed were already making significant investments in voice. A substantial percentage of the respondents believe that voice can help drive conversion, increase revenue, and improve user experience.

In a separate report released by SEMRush last year, it predicted that half all online searches this year are going to be made through voice. There’s little question that voice search optimization is one among the SEO trends that you simply should prioritize this year.

Top SEO Trends to Focus on in 2020 (part 1)

Search engine optimization remains an evolving industry. The SEO trends within the recent years were proof of how its growth, development, and practices have changed.

In this article, we compiled the top SEO trends that you simply should remember of if you would like to remain relevant this 2020.

1. Content is King

Content remains king this 2020. And, it’ll probably be the case, not just this year, but within the future also.

High-quality content still has the foremost impact when it involves search ranking. Regular publishing of excellent content will help your website rank organically for relevant keywords and search terms.

If you would like Google to favor your sites, confirm that your content is:

• Informative

• Readable

• Unique

• Free of spelling and grammar mistakes

• Adds value to your audience

2. User-Focused Optimization

The best thanks to optimize for BERT is to write down naturally.

Google has fully applied BERT – a tongue processing model – to Google Search. The aim of BERT models is to make sure that users will get the simplest content match for his or her queries.

Before, the search algorithm of Google relies on keywords heavily to match user queries with answers. However, the tech giant realized that it’s not the foremost efficient way of providing relevant answers to people.

BERT allows Google Search to know the context and intent behind a question. So, what’s it now for you? In order to put it in perspective, you can’t optimize for BERT; however, you’ll optimize your content for your audience.

Simply put, write good content for your audience.

3. Optimization With AI

You probably know by now how Google uses AI to enhance Search. As more people go browsing to seek out things and conduct transactions, Google’s algorithm will still grow smarter.

There’s little question that AI has played an important role within the way we optimize our content. And this year, we’d like more AI tools to make better content and gather more data.