Start Your Blog Today

Find everything you need in this easy step-by-step guide for beginners and create your own blog in just 20 minutes. Learn from an expert that has been blogging and building websites since 2002, while assisting hundreds of other to achieve the same. While the thought of blogging could be intimidating and overwhelming the free guide offers all the information on how to blog just by using basic skills on your computer, and it’s easy to start no matter your age.

Blogging is a website that is focussed on content writing, and any theme or topic can be used. A comment section is important since it allows correspondence from your readers. This type of interaction between the reader and the blogger is one of the main benefits and allows the sharing of ideas. What opens the door to making money is the loyalty and trust of the readers.

One of the biggest misconceptions of blogging is that you must have great writing skills, it’s not true since most individuals read blogs to get a perspective on the subject and therefore a conventional and informal style is used by most bloggers. What is most important is to have a passion for your topic, bloggers don’t need to be experts although loving the topic makes the start of a blog easier and at the same time keep readers interested.

The main reasons for anyone starting a blog are the following:

• To make money from home
• To share their story or passion with others
• Recognition for their business or themselves
• Finding a community and connecting with others

Six Steps in Starting a Blog:

• Choose a name for your blog, something descriptive is always more catchy
• Once you have the title get your blogging online by registering it and getting hosting
• Choose one of many free templates and customise it
• The fun part is writing your first blog and then to post it
• Promote your blog to ensure more people start reading it
• To make money from your blog, you can select from many options to monetise it

Picking a blog name is much easier once you have decided on a topic, which could be any life experience, passion, hobby or a blog about you. Once you have found your topic, your blog’s title should be descriptive and often it works better to have a few words instead of one. Choose words that would attract attention, if it’s a food blog use words such as meals, recipes, or yummy foods. In personal blogs use your name, for example, Mikes Magic Blog, or Blogging with Mike.

Once the name is confirmed it is time to choose a domain, which could be a .net, .org or .com and in registering it remove the spaces so Mikes Magic Blog would become and remember to check if that domain is available. Select a host and start having fun in creating a site that offers great visuals to go with your blogging style. Once your blog attracted a large online audience, advertisers will contact you, asking for an opportunity to advertise and it will be time to make some cash from something you enjoy doing from home.

How Can You Improve Your Coding

Coding is an important skill to have – no matter if you are learning or practising your skill for a personal or professional reason. While there is a countless amount of ways to code, such as using HTML, there are sites that were directly built to help improve one’s coding skills in challenging ways. While these sites will vary depending on the skill level of the coder – some will offer line by line help while others will allow you to run free if you manage to beat the challenge. In 2018, coding is becoming a highly valued skill where it can easily improve the chances of getting a high paying job. However, the best way to improve your skills is by challenging yourself nonstop. Listed below are some helpful website where beginners to advanced coders can learn and practice the skill to prepare for the job.


This website is the perfect starting place for beginners or intermediate coders who need to brush up on their skills. It offers over 200 challenges that are all coding related and proves additional help for the earlier challenges if needed. Additionally, this site is helpful as it allows users to view the official way that the code should have been created as well as a few of the most popular and efficient user-created options as well. Along with coding challenges, this site will allow anyone who uses it to dabble in web development and other side areas is desired.


This is a more social way to practice coding. While there is a large and constantly growing coding challenge that would appeal to beginners and intermediate coders. There is also an active forum where users can discuss coding, the way they solved the coding challenge, as well as offer additional recommendations. One of the more interesting features is the use of Company Bots. These bots will challenge you in a code creating match. Though, the bots were created by engineers who worked at Dropbox, Quora, and Uber.

Top Coder

Top Coder has earned its name due to it being one of the first online platforms where coders could code and program in a competitive sense. It focuses on its list of algorithmic challenges where it will prompt the user to use the code creator to solve. One of the highlights is the monthly Single Round Matches, which will happen on specific days and times, where users can compete to see who can solve the challenge the fastest and most efficient way. Since this site is catered towards advanced coders, there is also the chance of winning prizes for the codes.


CodeChef is a perfect coding site for users internationally as it is based in India. It will allow users the chance to solve hundreds of coding challenges with the usage of the online code editor. The challenges are categorised which will allow users to focus on specific areas if needed as well as see which will fit their skill level. If you happen to be an advanced coder, it would do some good to write on the forums and create coding tutorials to help others.