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Guru Of Movie

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Download Reliance Jio APK

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Why To Insert Image Between Blogging Post

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Google Mobile, Rate, Features, Specification, Launching

Hi friends today we have bring a news which might be you are waiting from long time. Here we are talking about the Google Mobile. Yes friends Google Mobile has been launched. So now talking about the Google Phone. This phone is also known as Google Pixel Phone.

Basically Google Mobile is average 5.5 Inch mobile. Which is very comfortable with too many new features? In many countries people are waiting that when Google Mobile will come. This is also somewhere seen that Google phone are cheaper than Apple.

This was news that in 2007 Google was planning to launch his mobile phone. But now is has been launched. There are a too many new features in the Google Phone. Google Voice is very clear from this phone. Google Voice Call charge is also very low. This time we have got some more news about the Google Mobile. So now have look on some Google Phone model.

Google Mobile Model
Google Pixel XL (128 GB)
Google Pixel (128 GB)
Google Pixel
Google Pixel XL
Google Nexus 5X (32 GB)
Google Nexus 6P (64 GB)
Google Pixel C
Google Nexus 6P
Google Nexus 5X
Google Nexus 4

Read Feature Of Each Phone And Buy Google Phone

We have notice that people are asking more about the Google Nexus. It also seems that among these Google Nexus is the best model. Now have some special features of Google Mobile.

Some Special Specification
(1) Google Mobile is the first phone which is launched by Google himself.
(2) Google Mobile battery that charge 7 hours just in 15 minutes.
(3) Google Mobile is the highest rated mobile between cameras mobile.
(4) Google Mobile look is also great.
(5) Google Mobile has a good storage for photos and video.
(6) Google Mobile has 4K HD clarity.
(7) Google Mobile support GSM/WCDMA/LTE network.
(8) Google Mobile is ready for 2G,3G,4G.

Hope you have enjoyed this article of Google Mobile. Now people waiting for the Google Mobile. We have also notice that some people started to Google Voice Phone service centre too. View this video to know more about the Google Mobile Phone.

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New Delhi Girl Open Her Cloth To Get Money From Bank

Name Of Girl Who Open Her Cloth In Bank Between Public
Hope you all are aware that in India Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes are going to close. Also government order to all citizen to submit their old notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 in Bank. So we have seen that there is too much crown in front of all Indian Bank in India.

Also people are getting too much crowd at ATM and Bank too. So there is a huge problem coming to do daily work as people have to adjust in low amount daily. Also ATM can give amount of 2500 Rs per day to each one. So now issue coming a lot.

Now we are here to tell you that how much people are frustrated after Rs 500 and Rs 1000 ban. On 14 Nov 2016 a girl from Delhi Mayur Vihar Phase 3Delhi. Who should be approx 23 years old? Who was waiting in front of Bank? She get too much frustrated due to spending a long time in queue. After this she started to open her cloth in the public.

When she start opening her cloth in public. Then people who were nearby her she handle her. After this people given her priority on in the Bank. Within 10 minutes of her this shameful activity she got currency. But this was shameful. Once we people want to remove corruption but when Government ask people for support that normal get frustrated. So people should support to Government. This is also news that she was a transgender.

After this incident we have notice that people are also asking for the real name of the girl who open her cloth in front of Bank in New Delhi. Also people wanted to see real picture of the girl who open her cloth in front of Bank in Delhi. So girl open cloth in Bank in Delhi becomes viral news on web pages too.

This incident is really shameful also might be possible that girl did this due to she want to get some popularity. Still we have not get any valid reason why girl open her cloth at Delhi ATM in public. Friends please keep patience on ATM or in Bank. It’s a short time problem and very soon everything would be normal.

Watch This Video To View Real Picture Of Delhi Girl