25 best sports gadgets (part 3)


Recon MOD Live is a heads-up display for skiers and snowboarders, showing them their speed, map position, and other info on a tiny screen. It can even communicate with your phone via Bluetooth, let you read texts and answer calls while on the piste.


Tiger Woods, a famous swinger, has released this app in order to help golfers perfect their game. Connceting with your iOS device’s camera, it captures and analyses your swing, as well as lets you view your pathetic attempts side-by-side. Just take the advice on its board, adjust your swing, and you will be able to tear that ball down the fairway in no time.


This lightweight Walkman is a pair of headphones with the MP3 player built-in and totally water resistant. You can even dunk it in the sink and then just have to give it a wash. It offers 2GB of storage, and has an hour of battery life after a three-minute charge.


Instead of buying an exercise bike, by hooking your road bicycle up to the Turbotrainer, you can ride miles and miles without having to leave your home. The rear wheel of your bike rests on a gear which can have its resistance altered by magnets, creating the feeling of riding uphill or on a road.


Continuing the success of the original Wii Fit in featuring a balance board and a series of addictive exercises, Wii Fit Plus helps you get less fat by adding a fat range of content. Using the Wii Remote and Balance Board, you can perform a range of fun, simple  activities, and track your progress all the time.


Imagine that there is a motorcycle mated with a snowboard. It is the MXB Shocker, a motorised board on which you perch and steer by shifting your weight as well as adjusting the speed and brakes with a handheld controller.