Four steps to help SEO website more successful

SEO is a long and laborious plan where you should hire a service company in charge or hire your own SEO specialist. They will help you research and modify your strategy to maximize results and achieve your marketing, sales, and business goals.

However, whether you hire a service or hire an SEO staff, or you can’t even afford it, you can do your own research through four steps to make your website SEO more successful, including:

1. Object research

SEO services companies have a deep understanding of their audience. They did the research and research into the target market. They know who your customers are and what you want from your business, product or service. SEO firms also know what questions and problems your target audience might ask common. If you want to be successful in managing or tracking SEO strategy, you need to understand your target market at this level.

Even if you’ve developed marketing campaigns for your target audience, audience research will evaluate the effectiveness of your previous campaigns. Consumers may change over time. If you use the outdated list of audiences, it can cause your SEO strategy to fail, which doesn’t help you or your company. Once you’ve researched your audience, you can take the next step to launch your plan.

2. Competitor analysis

Competitor analysis can bring a lot of useful information to you, which is why it is a core part of SEO management. Whether you are partnering with an SEO agency or managing in-house SEO specialists, do a plan for competitor analysis through their web design . To analyze your competitors, you’ll have to target the following audiences:

Direct competitors:  These are the businesses you compete with offline and online. You may already have a list of direct competitors to reference by searching for them on Google. Now, you need to find out how they have an online presence and their investment in SEO.

Indirect competitors: These are the companies you compete in the search results for. For example, two manufacturing firms may compete for the search term “local manufacturing company”, even though they manufacture different products.

As part of competitor analysis, you need to determine your competitor’s SEO strategy. In some cases, you may find that your direct competitor doesn’t have an SEO strategy. That is when you should turn your competitors indirectly, since most of them rank high in search results for SEO.

3. Website optimization

With your target market and top competitors already researched, your company can begin the process of optimizing e-commerce website design for SEO. This process can take time and knowledge, so assign this task to a professional or professional website design company. For example, if you have 25 pages to edit on your website, you or your team may not be able to afford to optimize all of them in a month.

4. Monthly report

Like other digital marketing strategies, SEO uses data for analysis. The data presented on your website will help you measure the success and performance of your SEO strategy. Additionally, you can find areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions when it comes to your next move.

With professional SEO manager, you can solve this problem using Google Analytics tool. This tool allows you to track traffic to your web design, including location, age, device, demographics, … No matter how you approach the report, turn the report. The report becomes a part of your SEO management so that it can be improved or improved.

20 things to note when SEO Website (Part 4)

14. Use internal links with related documents

The site structure can be strengthened continuously by using internal links. We know Google will penalize backlinks with exact matches if done too much.

Also, keep in mind that built-in content with internal links from sections like headers, footers, or sidebars is less valuable than contextual links from body.

Whenever you publish new content. Keep in mind when you can refer to old content in relevant cases and link to that content. Your focus is to highlight the pages that you consider to be most important.

Hướng dẫn tối ưu seo website hiệu quả nhanh chóng và bền vững

15. Links to external pages with related text as well

There are signs that linking to other relevant websites can help boost your rankings. If you have something relevant and helpful to share with the world and your audience, link away. It will help you build relationships and incentives that will return.

16. Actively get links to your website

If you are not affiliated with others, why would you expect them to link to you? However, you will also have to work for those backlinks.

Try to build relationships and provide value and links will come.

17. Constantly adding new, high-quality content

Although adding more content doesn’t guarantee you higher rankings or more traffic. But one thing is certain: The more content you have, the higher your chances of getting more traffic.

Tất tần tật những điều cần biết về SEO và thiết kế web chuẩn SEO

18. Content updates work best after a while

Updating and improving old content that works well can really help you with search engine rankings. Don’t just do this for the best content, but also for old content that has never met user intent.

19. Check your schema markup

Or add it if you don’t have a Schema yet. However, don’t rush to do this first. Although Schema Markup and Structured Data. It may be helpful, but other things like properly optimizing your titles are more important. Once you’ve done those, you can also take a look at Schema Markup.

To test your implementation, you can use the Google Structured Data Testing Tool. Usually, this works best for ecommerce stores. But also can be used by blogs and informational sites to their advantage.

20. Track your results with Google Search Console

Google Search Console is your best friend. You can also track everything with Google Analytics. However, when it comes to SEO, Search Console is the right monitoring tool.

Google Analytics tracks users after they visit your website. While Search Console tracks them from the Google side, on the search results pages themselves.

So for the best, best results if you use Search Console. Not only does it show you how your content is performing in Google, but it also accurately identifies a lot of SEO problems your website is likely to encounter.

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8. Optimize your website’s loading speed

Download speed is important. Some studies show: You can lose a 7% conversion rate for every second your website takes to load more.

Speed ​​fixes include things like image size and JavaScript. Another thing that affects the speed of your website is the server. Make sure you have a good host.

Viết content chuẩn seo lên top google sau 30 ngày

9. Hierarchy & navigation of your website

Structure is one of the often overlooked SEO best practices. That’s why you need SEO before you start creating a website. The way of navigation determines how deep you click on the pages. And Google encourages the linking pages not to be too far away.

10. Use Secure HTTP Protocol

Google favors websites with secure connections. Especially when sensitive data is sent through them. So if you have a login page, a payment system, it needs to run over HTTPS.

Warning : Switching from HTTP to HTTPS could have a negative impact on rankings if done wrong. Be sure to follow the instructions for moving HTTP to HTTPS.

11. Optimize images for SEO

One of the biggest problems with images is related to their size. The BIG image will take longer to load. They make your website load slowly.

Make sure you adhere to the following rules:

  • Compress images with a tool like Smush for WordPress or ShortPixel
  • Display them at the right size and don’t just shrink them with CSS
  • Load the image out of the user’s view later, with LazyLoad

However, image optimization doesn’t end here. Make sure you also add a Title and related Alt Tags to the image.

Hướng dẫn tối ưu seo website hiệu quả nhanh chóng và bền vững

12. Use video in your content

Not too many people do this. You can add videos to support your content. Or you can even resubmit the full content and then link it. For example, if you have a great article, turn it into a video. Then, embed the video in the content and also link back to the post from your video description.

Each social media platform requires a different strategy. What works on Facebook might not work on Instagram or LinkedIn.

13. Perform regular website audits

Checking your website is useful for uncovering small issues that can turn out to be big ones. Over time, small changes start to sneak in, and sometimes, things can escalate. Checking your site regularly will help spot problems early on. From there, fix them before things go bad.

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4. Use the main keyword in the title and description

The title tag and meta description are really important for SEO. For the first time, Google actively searched for keywords inside. Your title tag to find out if the content is relevant to search queries.

Second, these headlines influence TLB. Which means more clicks to your website.

The trick is you can add keywords in the title. Studies show that users want to see keywords within the title or description. That’s also why Google puts their keywords in bold text all the time.

5. Write content that is optimized for your users and Google

Follow that order. Your users first, then Google. Writing well-optimized content is one of the most important SEO best practices. 

6. Use short and human-friendly URLs

Warning : Don’t change the URL that is indexed by Google without doing the proper 301 redirect. This can have a big impact on your rankings. It’s always the best idea to get the URL in the first place and stick with it.

URL length is not a ranking factor. But having a correlation between shorter URLs is likely to yield higher rankings. It’s possible that better optimized pages just need cleaner URLs. But notice, this is just “Maybe”. It is important that a URL should accurately describe what the content is about . This way there will be more chances that people will click on them. In fact, it increases CTR by up to 45%. The keywords inside the URL also help Google find out what the content is about.


7. Make sure your website is mobile friendly

In this day and age, most people are browsing the web on their phones. More than 50% of traffic on most websites comes from mobile searches. If your website is not properly optimized for padded mobile use. You could lose a lot of traffic.

Google uses mobile-first indexing. That means they’ll be looking at the mobile version of the website first. The site will then rank.

20 things to note when SEO Website (Part 1)

To simplify the SEO process and get good results in rankings. Have you ever asked the question what you need to pay attention when SEO Web? And this article will help you give answers:

1. Optimize for search intent

Search intent is important in 2020. When a user searches for something, Google must return relevant results to match their search intent. Otherwise, it will bring a bad experience for the user.

Example: If you have a website that sells shoes and focuses on the keyword phrase “Buy shoes online”. Then you will probably encounter many difficulties. The reason is that people searching for this phrase are targeting e-commerce sites.


Instead, a better option should be targeting keywords that are descriptive or beneficial. Such as “Best Running Shoes“. Or other keywords where people are searching for informational content instead of stores.

You can clearly see a difference in search intent for this keyword, with more informational content available.

So, before you start writing content, think carefully about what you’re optimizing for.

2. Do in-depth keyword research

Keyword research is always the most important step when it comes to SEO. It’s important to know what your users are looking for. If not, you are chasing a fiction. In addition, it also helps to know what the competition is doing. So make sure you research that too.

3. Targeting and main topic

You don’t have to target a single keyword. However, it’s important to target a main topic. Again, it is all up to the user’s intentions. If you think the two keyword phrases are very similar. But you are not sure of that intention, do a Google search.

Does Google show the same search results for both keywords? Or are they different?

For example, Indonesian travel advice and someone traveling to indonesia seem very similar, but the intentions are very different. In the first person, people want to see travel destinations from popular blogs. While in the second person they wanted to know if it was okay to travel to Indonesia.

When you do keyword research, always check the type of results that rank for each particular keyword. If the search results are similar, you can try a combination of keywords. This way, you will get more traffic. However, if the intentions are different and the results are different, don’t try to catch two rabbits with one shot.

These factors to keep in mind when SEO posts

The following article would like to share with you the factors to note when Seo articles invite you to refer.

In order for a website to rank highly for keywords, the keyword must appear in all components of the website including:

Title tags:

This is always extremely important factor in SEO. The title is always associated with the keyword and the article content. The title is sufficient and not too long, within 60 – 67 characters.

Những yếu tố cần lưu ý khi Seo bài viết

Meta Description Tags:

This is a description of the article content based on the title. This tag will always use less than 180 characters. It doesn’t work much for search engines, but it does work to attract users.

Heading Tags:

The tags are H1, H2, .. to H6.

• The bigger the font, the more important the content, the keywords should be. In particular, the H1 tag has the largest font. Then comes H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, and bold. In the article content, there is usually 1 H1, and more H2, H3.

• The headline is the first part of the article to be placed in the H1 tag.

• Actually, H1 is the most important, it helps the BOT understand what we are emphasizing on the title. And also draw attention to the reader.

• Following the current trend, SEOs rarely use H4, H5, H6 tags. They hardly mean much anymore.


It should be noted that the article must have at least 1 image to increase the vibrancy of the article content, and also take advantage of the image alt element in SEO. The factors that need to make an image are:

• The image name must contain the keyword, the article title

• Alt Image: This tag makes sense to the search engine, containing keywords, article titles

• Title Image: For users, containing keywords, article titles.

• The length of the Alt Image or Title Image is not too long, like the title tags should be less than 67 characters.

Lưu ý gì khi viết bài quảng cáo chuẩn SEO?


The URL must be user friendly, not too long (Under 90 characters). The link is always static and the link must be static. Internal links in the page help us link the articles to the same topic. As well as helping readers understand articles easily, also navigating BOT will stay in our page longer.


This tag is now very important, expanding the categories we don’t have. It is important that once the article has been published, you should share it in popular social networks such as Facebook, G +, Linked, Pinterest.. Wish you success!

Methods to increase trust for the Website effectively

As you know, the Website’s Trust is extremely important in SEO. A website with a high level of Trust is able to get to the top lightly without spending a lot of time to Offpage Seo.

Understanding that importance today, we would like to share with you some of the best methods to increase Trust for Website.

According to SEOmoz’s research, the two most important and still significant roles in SEO are Page level metrics and Domain-Level, Link Authority Features, both of which relate to links pointing to pages and domain. If you feel the importance of these 2 factors, you can easily overcome your opponent gently.

11 factors to help increase the Website’s Trust

  • Increase the number of backlinks.
  • Increasing the number of domains pointing to the website.
  • Increase the number of links related to website content.
  • Increase backlink quality
  • Increase the +1 button
  • Increase the number of visitors to the site
  • Increase onsite time.
  • Increase the number of pageview
  • Increase the number of pages visited per visit
  • Decreased bound rate
  • Increase the number of returning visitors
  • Increase the number of keywords appearing on the top 10
  • Increase presence on social networking sites.
  • Increase Page Rank, Domain authority, Page links, Page Authority
  • Increase the amount of useful content on the page.

The increase in reliability takes a long time usually from 1 to 3 months, fast or slow, it depends on the conditions that you have. When a website has a certain credibility, the keywords will rank up very quickly. That is why I always uphold the trust of the website for the search engine. And you? Do you think reliability is important? And how will you increase it? Above are some general for you to increase the trust of the Website to get high on the Google rankings. Good luck. Any comments or suggestions please leave a comment below.

Gambling companies urged to impose wagering cap of £50 each day

MPs have implored on-line gambling companies to impose a brief indulgent cap of £50 each day throughout the Covid-19 crisis, as proof emerged that they’re pushing punters towards riskier wagers within the absence of thought sport.

With events like the Premier League and steeplechase off, gambling corporations area unit heavily promoting obscure sporting competitions, computer-generated “virtual” sports and on-line casino games.

The company has conjointly denote social media adverts from its U.S. Twitter account providing bets on “international football action”, which means the Belarus Premier League.

Firms together with 32Red area unit advertising on Twitter during a bid to win additional custom for online casino games, which have a lot of higher rates of addiction than sports indulgent.

Both Betway, recently hit with a record £11.6m fine over downside gambling failures, and MansionBet have paid-for Google listings promoting “virtual” events, wherever customers wager computer-generated soccer matches.

In one instance, a Spanish man World Health Organization originated a global tournament for players of the Fifa video game lashed out at bookmakers for providing odds on the games, urging them to prevent.

Gambling corporations modified strategy when the cancellation of major sporting events, having sent their share costs into freefall.

In a letter to business trade body the indulgent & recreation Council, MPs during a cross-party cluster examining gambling-related hurt urged companies to not place protection of their finances before customers’ welfare.

The MPs conjointly needed a block on customers gap multiple accounts and faster intervention with customers World Health Organization show signs of disordered gambling.

Experts warned that folks with a gambling disorder, several of whom are going to be cooped up reception throughout the coronavirus crisis, area unit liable to reckoning on events whose outcome they can not presumably estimate.

There has conjointly been concern among business staff that outlets remained open for too long before they were eventually ordered to shut by Boris Johnson.

In the same email that offered recommendation on that sports to supply bets on, sent last week, William Hill workers were told it had been “business as usual” within the bookmakers’ main street stores.

The government had already suggested against individuals gathering in social areas like bars and restaurants.

Rival Betfred has conjointly been criticized for continued to welcome customers into outlets, doubtless putt workers and gamblers in danger.

Virginia Legislature Passes Casinos And Sports Betting Bills

The Virginia Legislature has passed legislation allowing casinos in five economically depressed cities and another bill allowing sports betting.

These two bills and some others passed during the 2020 legislative session are going to head to Gov. Ralph Northam for his signature. Both of them received bipartisan support and are expected to be signed into law, according to the Washington Examiner.

Danville, Norfolk, Richmond, Portsmouth, and Bristol are five cities which have the option to build a casino now. The issue must pass a city-wide referendum in November so the bill gives voters the final say. If it is passed by the electorate, ground could be broken on the properties and therefore, the Virginia Lottery would act as the regulatory body for casino gaming.

The legislation sets up a tiered tax plan that haves operators to be taxed anywhere from 18 to 30%. Casinos will be taxed 18% on the first $200 million of gross income, 23% from $200 to $400 million, and 30% on anything exceeding $400 million.

Although the bulk of that tax revenue will go to the state government, city governments will get a smaller piece because it budgets 6, 7, 8% of those same tiers to the city government housing the casino.

In terms of sports betting, Virginia followed Tennessee’s footsteps by passing a bill only legalizing online sports betting. In theory, city residents can vote against casino construction and there wouldn’t be anywhere to place a sports book. It would be much easier to pass additional legislation that would allow in-person betting than to follow the initial passage of the online bill.

The lottery will oversee the sports betting industry while operators will have any revenue taxed at 15%. Licenses will cost $250,000 for a three-year license and $200,000 for annual renewal.

It is prohibited to bet on Virginia college sports. A professional sports team relocating to Virginia will also be able to apply for a license.

Top SEO Trends to Focus on in 2020 (part 2)

4. Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness

The most update SEO trends reveal that Google favors expert, authoritative, and trustworthy websites. Backlinko refers to those three due to the Domain Authority 2.0.

According to Backlinko, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T) has been a neighborhood of Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines for several years. However, the program giant appears to be mentioning it tons nowadays.

So, apart from publishing high-quality, relevant content, confirm that you simply also work on your site’s E-A-T.

5. Visual Search Optimization

The advent of smartphones equipped with highly qualified cameras gave birth to visual search. So what’s this emerging SEO trend this year?

Visual search uses real-life images such as photos and screenshots to find out anything online. As an example, using Google Lens to seek out a dress or Pinterest to try to to a method match are samples of visual searching.

Even if you’re not within the apparel industry, it’s still advisable to optimize your pages for visual search. But if you don’t skills, be happy to follow the fast tips below.

• Use images relevant to the topics of your page.

• Make sure that you are using high-resolution images.

• Use multiple images, particularly in long-form content.

• Optimize the titles and descriptions of your image.

• Optimize the file sorts and dimensions of images.

• Don’t forget to include captions and feature alternative text (alt-text).

6. Voice Search Optimization

With the growing popularity of voice assistants and smart speakers, optimizing your pages for voice search is a superb move.

A study conducted by Adobe Analytics shows that 91 percent of brands that they surveyed were already making significant investments in voice. A substantial percentage of the respondents believe that voice can help drive conversion, increase revenue, and improve user experience.

In a separate report released by SEMRush last year, it predicted that half all online searches this year are going to be made through voice. There’s little question that voice search optimization is one among the SEO trends that you simply should prioritize this year.